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Battle league brings a new modern concept to league darts allowing teams and individuals the opportunity to play who they want, when they want! from 2 separate venues or the same venue!


The Battle League summer campaign is a challenge match league played via the Dartslive Global and Official League systems on the Dartslive 2 soft tip darts machines; Governed by the United Kingdom Soft Darts Association and Dartslive Europe and organised by IDart UK.


  • Form a team or go solo and enter into the selected campaign, team captains and singles entrants must enter via the entry page click here 

  • All Participants must have a registered Dartslive members card with a rating, to obtain a rating 10 games of 01 or cricket must be played using the Dartslive members card.

  • All participants must register on the IDart UK website as a member.

  • There are two  Dartslive apps  which you can personally track your own progress and league statistics, which are available on the Apple store and Play store.

  • Once entry has been confirmed Team Captains and singled entrants will be added to a group on the IDart UK website.

  • Entry is free but machine fees will be applied using the Dartslive 2 pay per hour function.


  • The IDart Uk summer campaign will start on the 19th July 2021 and end at Midnight on the 22nd September 2021.

       grand finals will take place on October on Saturday 23 October 2021 at Sports Bar 180 Hastings.​

  • For every completed match a team/singles entrant will be awarded 1 point with a 1 point bonus for a win.

  • A  league ranking Table will be compiled and published. on a regular basis by the U.K.S.D.A

  • several ranking tables will  be compiled for Teams and Singles competitors consisting of team ratings cap/ singles Flight level and an overall participation table for the Summer campaign prize draw giveaway.

  • The top 4 teams/players in each ranking tables will be invited to participate at the U.K.S.D.A grand finals presentation weekend, in which they will have the chance to play for the respected titles.


  • All venues should be notified of the date and time of any arranged matches so the machine can be reserved.

  • All participants are responsible to check machine availability with their chosen venue.

  • Games played using the Global League system are to the players discretion and a code of honesty is required.

  • Participants are not obliged to accept challenges.

  • Respect your opponents and play fair.

  • Teams and singles entrants can play any opponent/s of any rating.

  • All games are open rated and no handicaps.

How to set up a match

  1. Call out a rival player or ask the IDart UK team to arrange a match for you. 

  2. Arrange match date, time and location/s

  3. contact the team at with all information.

  4. The match schedule will be confirmed in 72hours, please do not try and arrange last minute matches as the IDart UK team may be unavailable.


Match day schedule

  • Match schedule will be available on either on the Dartslive global league or Dartslive official league websites or on the Dartslive premium APP.

  • It is advised players arrive at their venue at least 15 minutes before match start time

  • Players will need their Dartslive members card to register the match on the machine.

  • The pay per hour setting is not available for matches and the pay per coin option will need to be selected.

Game formats

Battle league singles format click here

U.K.S.D.A Pairs format          click here

Machine Match Fees

Battle league singles £7 

Battle league team £10



To qualify for entry into the prize draw and grand finals teams participating in  the U.K.S.D.A Pro Flight Pairs and U.K.S.D.A Capped Flight Pairs  trophies will need to complete 3 team matches. Battle League singles entrants will need to complete 3 singles matches.

All teams/singles entrants that have completed the allocated amount of games  will be entered into a prize draw giveaway.

the prize draw will be conducted by The Soft tip central UK live on their channel on (date to be confirmed)


Prize Breakdown

1st place  - £150 Modus voucher + Darts Bundle 

2nd place - £100 Modus Voucher + Darts Bundle

3rd place - £ 80 Modus Voucher + Darts Bundle

All Teams/singles entrants that complete 10 games will be entered into a separate raffle with a Prize of a £100 Modus voucher + Darts Bundle.

The Darts Bundle will consist of  at least 1 Trinadad darts case, Trinadad/L-Style/ Cosmo flights and suited branded stems. 

UKSDA Grand Finals

The top 4 Teams/players in each ranking tables will be invited to participate at the U.K.S.D.A Grand Finals Presentation weekend, in which they will have the chance to play for the respected titles. 


U.K.S.D.A Pro Flight trophy open Rating Event

U.K.S.D.A Capped Flight Trophy combined team rating cap 21.00


Battle League Singles Championship Trophy

A-Flight Champion Dartslive rating criteria 13.50 or above.

B-Flight Champion Dartslive rating criteria 10.00 - 13.49.

C-Flight Champion  Dartslive rating criteria 9.99 or below.