Battle League

What is Battle League

Battle League is a challenge match league played via the Dartslive Global and Official League systems on the Dartslive 2 soft tip darts machines; Governed by the United Kingdom Soft Darts Association and Dartslive Europe and organised by iDart UK.

How it works

Particpants challenge their rivals to a battle in one of the many flight or participant formats, these include A,B,C and D Flight  individuals, pairs  and teams.


All Challenges are to be sent to with the following information:

Players/team name

Dartslive members card numbers

Date and time of match.

All venues should be notified of the date and time so the machine can be reserved.

All participants require a Dartslive card with a rating.

Games played using the Global League system are to the players discretion and a code of honesty is required.

Participants are not obliged to accept challenges but risk losing their ranking if they do not participate.

Match day

Players are advised to be at their venue at least 15 minutes prior to match time.

Dartslive members cards will be required to access and play all games.

Fair play is required at all times.

Inappropriate langue or abuse to opponents will not be tolerated.


A monthly ranking list will be compiled for each category by the United Kingdom soft darts association and will take into account  many varying factors including match results, participation's and ratings.



A-Flight rating 14.50 or more

B-Flight rating 11.00-14.49

C-Flight rating 8.01 - 10.99

D-Flight rating 8.00 or less


Open Flight - no ratings cap

Capped Flight - 25 maximum combined rating


Open Flight - no ratings cap

Capped Flight - 48 maximum ratings cap

Prize Structure

A monthly prize draw will take place, each participation in battle league will gain another entry into the prize draw.

Prizes will be announced on the iDart UK website and social media platforms prior to the start of the months battles.

Champions will be awarded a prize if they defend their title 3 times and every 3 times after.

Indivduals £50

Pairs £60

Team £100

Game F ees

Individuals £7

Pairs £ 12

Team £20